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The recruitment of Taihua


Taihua shipping management co., LTD has long been in need of senior crew captains, chief officers, second and third officers, chief engineer, chief engineer, chief engineer, second engineer, third engineer, second engineer, third engineer, second engineer, second engineer, third engineer, and general crew.And recruit interns for training.Application: email to crew@taihuashpg.cn


Taihua shipping management co., LTD., with rich experience and channels for dispatching crew, has successfully dispatched a complete team to the chemical and oil vessels with 8,000-15,000 tons of heavy duty, as well as a number of 115,000 tons of bulk cargo ships and 45,000 tons of bulk cargo ships under our management.

At the same time, the realization of multiple ship distribution, Chinese and foreign crew mix.

Our company can fully guarantee the training and learning opportunities of excellent crew members.

In 2012, our seamen's company also had the qualification of seamen assignment and basic safety allowance training.

Can handle seaman's certificate, exit certificate, service book, Hong Kong certificate, bar certificate and other seaman's certificate.

The company adopts the crew CBT online training system.

The company's shoremen and crew are able to conduct online training and examinations at the company and at home, or anywhere else.

And be able to review all the knowledge points, and keep repeating.

We will strengthen the awareness and improvement of safety awareness, professional skills, ideological and ethical standards, and conventions and regulations for shore-based personnel and seafarers.

It lays a foundation for the improvement and development of seafarers and the cultivation of personal quality in the future.

In addition, the sailors dispatched by our company have to undergo CBT training and learning.

Only after qualified training can we board the ship

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